What are solid woods?

What are solid woods?

What are solid woods?

There are different solid wood :

  • The pine massive : it is the most used on the market. …
  • The Oak massive : it is known to be very resistant in particular to humidity. …
  • Walnut massive : With its reddish brown color, the walnut furniture are ideal for a classic but contemporary interior.

How to recognize solid oak?

How to recognize a piece of furniture massive oak ?

  1. A real piece of furniture massive oak is heavier than a fake. …
  2. Differences in texture and variation in the grain of the Oak. …
  3. A piece of furniture massive oak is usually not covered with laminate …
  4. A piece of furniture massive oak will be more expensive than an imitation.


How do you know if a table is solid wood?

We recognize the character massive from drink at its extremities, thanks to its fibers cut in “drink from end” and not in drink of thread. Whatisdoes the cut of drink standing ? VS’is just a way is cut it drink. It is cut transversely to its fibers, so you can see the growth rings.

What are the different types of solid wood?

There are a multitude of wood species (see article on the subject) and therefore solid woods. Pine, ash or even elm (to name a few) are just as many varieties of existing trees as they are types of solid wood that you can use for your interior!

What is the price of solid wood?

Compared with other type of modified wood, the price of solid wood is very expensive. In general, the price is per cubic meter. Here are indicative prices depending on the density of the raw solid wood: – Oak: between 450 euros and 550 euros. The price of wood depends on several parameters, namely: density, quality.


How to make solid wood furniture?

In other words, this raw piece of wood results from the sawing of a tree and the removal of one of its parts. By extension, furniture made of solid wood is often made from a single piece of wood.

What are the advantages of solid wood?

Visual characteristics specific to solid wood which, indeed, is very robust. A solidity explained by the fact that this type of wood is very often made from slow-growing trees (oak, maple, pine, etc.) that you have surely noticed during wild walks in the forest.