What are the achievements of Sténio Vincent?

What are the achievements of Sténio Vincent?

What are the achievements of Sténio Vincent?

Vincent organizes a plebiscite on the extension of his mandate. He obtains a favorable vote until 1941. The plebiscite also approves an amendment to the constitution so that future presidents are elected by popular vote.

What is the name of Vincent’s successor?

Elie Lescot

President of the Republic of Haiti
PresidentStenio Vincent
PredecessorEmmanuel Rampy
SuccessorHimself (Interior) Joseph Titus (Justice)

Who is Lescot?

Antoine Louis Léocardie Élie Lescot, born December 9, 1883 in Saint-Louis-du-Nord (Haiti) and died October 20, 1974 in Laboule (Haiti), was a Haitian pharmacist and politician who was Secretary of State in several governments then President of the Republic from to January 11, 1946.

What is Shada?

The Haitian-American Society for Agricultural Development (SHADA) obtained from the Haitian State, under the government of Elie Lescot, a contract which put the main resources of the country at its service: the most fertile land, immense areas of pine forest, financial resources in the form of ready…

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