What are the causes of dystocia?

What are the causes of dystocia?

What are the causes of dystocia?

It can be related to a uterine work which is insufficient, when the uterine contractions do not are not efficient enough to allow the expulsion of the baby. Conversely, too violent contractions can also cause childbirth. dystocic.

What are the signs of dystocia?

– Decline in rectal temperature for more than 24 hours. – Abdominal contractions present for more than 12 hours, without fetal expulsion. – Since the expulsion of the first dark losses, 6 hours have are passed without the first puppy being expelled.

What is dystocia?

The dystocia fetal is an anomaly of childbirth related to an excess of fetal volume or an anomaly of presentation. Diagnosis is based on clinical examination, ultrasound, or response to increased labor.

How to avoid dystocia?

For’avoid the complications of dystocia of the shoulders and in particular irreversible lesions of the brachial plexus, it is recommended to perform a caesarean section in the event of an estimated fetal weight greater than 4500g in the event of associated diabetes (gradeC) and greater than 5000g in the absence of diabetes (gradeC ).

What is a difficult childbirth called?

From the Greek dys meaning difficulty and tokos, childbirtha childbirth dystocic is what one call commonly a difficult childbirthas opposed tochildbirth eutocic, that is to say, which takes place in accordance with the physiological process.

What is obstructed labor?

One obstructed laborvs’isthat is, due to an essentially mechanical difficulty and requiring an obstetric maneuver, always represents a critical moment in obstetrics.

What is an eclampsia fit?

I’eclampsia : it is seizures convulsions, potentially fatal, caused by intracranial arterial hypertension in the mother. cerebral hemorrhage which is the leading cause of maternal death. renal failure in the mother.

How to avoid cord prolapse?

The first treatment for obvious prolapse to perform is to slightly lift the presentation by vaginal examination while protecting the cord prolapsed, holding it so as to restore fetal blood flow, while an immediate caesarean section is performed.

What is uterine rupture?

A uterine rupture is a spontaneous tearing of the uterus that can result in a fetus floating in the abdomen. The rupture of the uterus is a very rare complication. This is an emergency case requiring immediate treatment. The uterus can tear before or during labor.

What is a basin limit?

bowl distorted or limitsize of the child, primiparous or multiparous having already given birth easily, “precious child” in a woman who has already lost one or more children during previous deliveries.

What are the symptoms of eclampsia?

abdominal pain and nausea, vomiting; decrease in the amount of urine; edema and rapid weight gain, within a few days.

What should be done in case of beating cord prolapse?

This is an obstetric emergency, immediate delivery: – Position the woman in the knee-chest position (Figure 5.13) or in the Trendelenburg position (dorsal decubitus, head down), to decompress the cord. – Manually push the presentation towards the uterine fundus to decompress the cord.

What is a pregnant uterus?

pregnant uterus. In which an embryo or fetus develops.

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