What are the causes of the Treaty of Versailles?

What are the causes of the Treaty of Versailles?

What are the causes of the Treaty of Versailles?

the Treaty of Versailles was intended to curb Germany’s economic and military power in order to secure peace. Unfortunately, it had disastrous effects on the future. the Treaty of Versailles of 1919 was to ensure lasting peace in Europe.

What are the terms of the Treaty of Versailles?

The main clauses territorial concerns concerned the restitution of Alsace-Lorraine to France, the administration of the Saarland by the League of Nations for fifteen years before the organization of a plebiscite and the organization of another plebiscite in Schleswig and Silesia, claimed by Germany and Poland.

How was Versailles built?

Small country residence “of the construction of which a simple gentleman would not take pride” in the words of Marshal de Bassompierre, Louis XIII decided to have it rebuilt from 1631. The construction extended until 1634 and was at the origin of the Château that we know today.

How is the Treaty of Versailles nicknamed by the Germans?

In Germany, it is indignation. Public opinion qualifies the treaty of Dictate.

What are the terms of World War I?

The Treaty of Versailles imposed on Germany clauses territorial (for example, the restitution of Alsace-Lorraine to France and the loss of all the colonies of Africa at the hands of its rivals, France and Great Britain: Cameroon, Togo, Tanganyika and Südwestafrika or Namibia), military (…

What are President Wilson’s 14 points?

These “fourteen pointswere as follows: 1) renunciation of secret diplomacy; 2) freedom of the seas; 3) removal of economic barriers; 4) arms reduction; 5) equitable readjustment of colonial possessions; 6) evacuation of Russian territory by the Germans; 7) evacuation of Belgium by the …

Who built the Palace of Versailles?

In 1661, there existed on the site of the current palace a small chateau built by Louis XIII who served as a hunting rendezvous. Wanting to get away from Paris, who had been hostile to him during the revolt of the Fronde, Louis XIV decided to build a palace in Versailles.

Which king built the Palace of Versailles?

Louis XIV Louis XIV | Castle of Versailles.

What is the symbol of the construction of Versailles?

The construction of Versailles therefore becomes the idea of ​​a place symbol of power and glory We note at different points that Versailles represents an allegory of human domination.

How does the king bring up the idea of ​​building Versailles?

Firstly, the king evoked the idea of ​​building Versailles for the first time following a visit to his Minister of Finance, whose modernity and luxury of the dwelling he was jealous of (Château de Vaux le Vicomte) compared to the Louvre, a royal residence for centuries. .

What are the masterpieces of Versailles Park?

The collection of sculptures in the park continued to grow; two masterpieces by Pierre Puget took place there: Milo of Croton and Perseus Delivering Andromeda. Around the sculptor Coysevox, Versailles became a European center, a source of numerous commissions.

Why did Louis XIV build Versailles?

He thus sees in the construction of Versailles a means of bringing together in the same place in order to supervise the aristocrats who surround him Finally, Louis XIV wants to show by building Versailles his superiority and the extent of his power. HE wants to impress all of Europe , show his power.