What are the charges for parking?

What are the charges for parking?

What are the charges for parking?

This means that as the owner of the car park, you must participate in the fillers rental of garages following: conservation of common areas (water damage, termites, etc.), upkeep of common areas (cleaning, green spaces, etc.), administration of common areas (union fees, etc.).

Why aren’t calculated charges cashable?

Indeed, certain charges, called calculated charges, are not disbursable and will therefore not result in any transfer of funds. Compta-Facile presents them to you here by giving a definition of each type of expense and indicating why it is important to know how to distinguish them.

What is Radial Load?

The radial load is the force exerted perpendicular to the axis of symmetry of an object whose line of action passes through the axis. For example, a belt on a pulley imposes a radial load on the pulley shaft bearing or bearing.

What is the difference between a cashable charge and a non-cashable charge?

Conclusion: cash charges are charges that give rise to an effective flow (cash outflow) while non-cash charges are those that do not cause any flow.

What is the unit of measurement for radial load?

The unit of measurement for radial load in the international or SI system is the Newton (N). But other units of force are also often used to measure it, such as kilogram-force (Kg-f) and pound-force (lb-f).