What are the climates of America?

What are the climates of America?

What are the climates of America?

L’ America is a continent with a great diversity of climateswe find climates temperate like weather continental, the weather oceanic or the weather southern but also climates wet like weather equatorial tropical without forgetting climates tougher like weather arid, the…

What is the climate of the American capital?

The climate of Washington DC. The American capital benefits from a humid subtropical climate, with however a certain continental influence, especially in winter. Precipitation is significant throughout the year, with a total of more than 1000 mm, much more than in Paris for example (600 mm).

Why is summer very hot in Washington?

As in most humid subtropical climates, summer is very hot in Washington, while humidity is also high due to the origin of the air mass, which often comes from the Gulf of Mexico. These high temperatures, combined with high humidity are a significant danger for human beings.

When is the best time to swim in Washington?

For swimming, the best time for a suitable water temperature is from July to September. When to go to Washington DC? Here is some statistical information about the weather in Washington DC to help you find the best time for your trip: Want to extend your trip to other cities?

What is the climate of washington?

This code means that Washington’s climate is said to be temperate (C) without a dry season (f) with a hot summer (a). Spring and autumn are warm but rather moderate with daily temperatures around 20°C (in April and October). Spikes at 30°C may occur.