What are the different types of vulnerability?

What are the different types of vulnerability?

What are the different types of vulnerability?

We define two types of vulnerability, the intrinsic or structural and the conjunctural whose relationship depends on the level of perception and knowledge of these properties. All is vulnerable depending on the angle adopted, it is therefore a universal concept, but which is totally relative to a given situation.

What is vulnerability in SVT?

The vulnerability expresses the level of foreseeable effect of a natural phenomenon (a hazard) on issues (human societies and their activities). She is translated into English by the terms vulnerability or sensitivity.

What is a vulnerable country?

The phrase ” vulnerability macroeconomic” refers to the risk to the country poor to see their development hampered by exogenous shocks thatthey experience, both natural and external shocks.

What is the stake in SVT?

The challenges are the structures, populations and environment directly or indirectly affected by the hazard. The latter therefore constitute the targets impacted by the hazard.

How to recognize a vulnerable person?

According to the European Union: vulnerable people are those whose autonomy, dignity or integrity, physical or psychological, is threatened. The vulnerability may result from age, illness, infirmity, physical or psychological deficiency or a state of pregnancy”.

Why is the vulnerability of societies increasing?

The consequences on companies are economic and human. The vulnerability of societies is aggravated by human activities. The number of refugees following a natural hazard has doubled since the 1970s: 20 million refugees flee a flood, drought or fire every year.

Who are the vulnerable groups?

These include people with disabilities, immigrants and ethnic minorities (including Roma), homeless people, ex-convicts, drug addicts, alcoholics, single people and children.

What are the states of vulnerability?

The Penal Code thus presents an exhaustive list of six states of physical or mental weakness making it possible to characterize vulnerability: age, illness, infirmity, physical or psychological deficiency and pregnancy.

What are the Determinants of Vulnerability?

THE DETERMINANTS OF VULNERABILITY Poverty in France remains marked by an impressive inertia. Children “inherit” their parents’ poverty in a way: they live in underprivileged areas, have more difficulties at school and therefore have more difficulty accessing employment.

What are the synonyms of vulnerability?

The term is synonymous with “fragile” and “sensitive”. A sort of more or less generalized “Achilles heel”, vulnerability brings together, as Hélène Thomas has shown, two notions: the crack on the one hand (the sensitive, fragile zone, through which the attack will occur) and the wound on the other hand (which will materialize the attack) ( THOMAS, 2010: 43).

What is victim vulnerability?

It has four consequences: the victim’s vulnerability is an aggravating circumstance for the perpetrator; it can be a mitigating circumstance if the perpetrator is vulnerable; it authorizes the prosecutor’s office to prosecute without complaint, and allows placement under protective measures.