What are the difficulties of teaching?

What are the difficulties of teaching?

What are the difficulties of teaching?

Lack of student motivation They are less ready to engage in academic knowledge. They have difficulties to mobilize in class and to do their homework. They also have a feeling of boredom and do not find pleasure and interest in the lessons.

How does the Ivorian education system work?

the educational system of Côte d’Ivory , is based on the model inherited from the colonial era; it includes: (i) pre-school education; (ii) primary education; (iii) general secondary education, the first cycle of which, along with primary, constitutes basic education; (iv) technical education and …

How to choose your academy?

The choice of the academy is not insignificant… In some, it is much easier to win the competition than in others. The proof with the success rates for the 2017 competition published on the website of the Ministry of National Education. In the academy of Versailles for example, 74% of the candidates who passed the competition were admitted.

What are the different types of lessons for middle school students with academic difficulties?

The Segpa and the Erea offer education adapted to middle school students with academic difficulties. They acquire the basics in order to prepare for vocational training at the CAP level (certificate of professional aptitude).

How to teach in kindergarten or elementary school?

To teach in kindergarten or elementary school, you have to pass a competitive examination at the end of the first year of the master’s degree. Those who pass become trainee teachers and spend a year alternating between their class and the benches of the ESPE (Higher School of Teaching and Education).

Why did some academies not fill up?

According to figures from the ministry, some academies have not been full this year during the school teacher competitions. The unions point to a “recruitment crisis that continues”. Better to target the Academy of Versailles than Corsica to become a teacher. (CHAMUSSY/SIPA)