What are the limits of architecture?

What are the limits of architecture?

What are the limits of architecture?

There are limits geographical, administrative and political, socio-cultural dividing lines, more or less visible borders and thresholds that can be revealed, for example, by the analysis of rituals or even that of State policies.

What are the representation spaces of architecture?

The first is that of the space of representation of architecture: the architect manipulates forms in an instrumental space which is that of graphic representation. This space is subject to laws, beginning with those identified by the psychology of form, and in this it constitutes, it seems to me,…

What is the difference between space and architecture?

Architecture. The noun “space” now belongs to everyday language concerning town planning (urban space, public space, green space) and architecture (classical or baroque space, static or dynamic… and, more specifically, living space , rest area). But this use is recent.

What is Architectural Space?

But architecture is space, the space where we move, where we live. From a formal point of view, the architectural space can be built in very different ways, favoring one or other of the elements that define it, but this choice is a reflection of intentions of another nature.

What is the architectural thinking about space?

Subsequently and until now, architectural reflection on space has continued to draw on the sources of the history of art and psychology, while appealing to research in epistemology and phenomenology. The result has been a vast and dense body of work, which cannot be claimed to be exhaustive.