What are the magistrates who sit on the Court of Appeal called?

What are the magistrates who sit on the Court of Appeal called?

What are the magistrates who sit on the Court of Appeal called?

Advisors are the magistrates belonging to the Court of cassation, to appeal court or at the court work. The Court of cassation consists of a first president, a president and advisers. To the court of cassation, the advisers sit not alone, but they are part of a room.

How are the judges of the Court of Cassation appointed?

The Court of Cassation being at the top of the judiciary, the appointment of its magistrates falls exclusively within the power of proposal of the Superior Council of the Judiciary (CSM) which, according to article 64 of the Constitution, assists the President of the Republic in his role of guarantor of the independence of…

Who sits on the Court of Appeal?

A appeal court is composed solely of professional magistrates: a first president, chamber presidents and advisers. The public prosecutor is represented at the hearings of the appeal court by the Attorney General or one of his Advocates General or Deputy Generals.

What are the different types of magistrates?

There are 2 categories of magistrates : them magistrates of the seat, which is called judgesand the magistrates parquet, which are prosecutors and substitutes. Some judges are specialized according to kind to deal with (family court judge, investigating judge, children’s judge, etc.).

How are Arizona appellate judges appointed?

For example, all Arizona state appellate judges are appointed by the governor for an initial two-year term on the basis of a list of candidates presented by a commission (the Arizona Commission on Appellate Court Appointments”). At the end of the two years, the judges are subject to retention elections.

How are the members of the Court of Cassation appointed?

Nine members are appointed by the President of the Republic, either directly or on the proposal of the Court of Cassation or the Council of State. The Council no longer proposes the appointment of the magistrates of the seat of the Court of Cassation and the first presidents of the Court of Appeal.

What is the Federal Judge?

Any judge appointed to such a court can be called a federal judge. These positions include the Chief Justice and Associate Justices of the Supreme Court, Circuit Judges of the Courts of Appeals, and District Judges of the United States District Courts. All the judges described so far are sometimes…

Who are the judges of the Court of Cassation?

The CSM appoints the magistrates of the Court of Cassation, the first presidents of courts of appeal and also the presidents of the high courts.