What are the main characteristics of the Roman city?

What are the main characteristics of the Roman city?

What are the main characteristics of the Roman city?

The cities created by the Romans have a grid plan. The two main axes are the cardo and the decumanus. They intersect perpendicularly near the center of the city. The other streets are parallel to these two axes.

Where do the wealthy Romans live?

In Rome, given the scarcity of land, the central courtyard is reduced to the atrium. Then the dwellings are divided between insulae (rental buildings) for the poorest and domus (individual houses), which range from the suburban villa to the palaces for the poorest. rich.

What is the role of glass in architecture?

In the beginning the glass is in the constructions, but the limits of the masonry and the materials limit its use to small windows. With the development of the field of architecture, the changes occur from the medieval period.

Who invented glass?

If we can date the discovery of the manufacture of glass around the 5th millennium BC by the Sumerians and the Egyptians, the Romans will extend its use to many elements of everyday life, by making it a material no longer intended for the elite but to all strata of society.

What are the ancient uses of glass?

The oldest uses of glass date back approximately 100,000 years. For this, the first men used natural glasses resulting from volcanic activity. This is particularly the case with obsidian, which was used to create weapons such as spear or arrowheads.

Why did the Romans use glass tesserae?

The Romans will use glass tesserae mainly for basins and fountains, in order to give a beautiful appearance to water thanks to the refraction of light. Long before the use of glass, leather or animal membranes were used, as well as specular stones to protect the interior of houses from the vagaries of the weather.