What are the main difficulties encountered in your previous jobs?

What are the main difficulties encountered in your previous jobs?

What are the main difficulties encountered in your previous jobs?

Top 10 difficulties encountered when looking for a job

RankDifficulty encounteredOverall percentage
1Lack of work experience73.9%
2Difficulties to find offersuse59.3%
3Difficulties to showcase my skills22.4%
4Difficult geographical mobility15.5%

Why do young people not want to work?

Transgenerational resonances. Once the stereotyping character of the assertion has been deconstructed, it remains that some youth express no desire to enter professional life, are uninterested in their future when they not reject not the world of work as a whole.

What is the situation of young people on the labor market in France?

In 2020, the young are affected by the health crisis. At the height of the first confinement in April, among those under 30, hiring fell by 77% over one year and the number of people registered at Pôle use increases by 36%.

Why am I having difficulty recruiting?

You are looking to fill a position and you are having difficulty recruiting. You have diagnosed that it was a difficulty linked to a lack of image, either of your sector and its professions, or of your company, or of the methods of recruitment.

Why is my sector of activity not affected by recruitment difficulties?

The answer is no: If, on the contrary, your sector of activity is not affected by major recruitment difficulties, or if your competitors are recruiting without too much difficulty, then it may be your company that lacks visibility or of attractiveness. Does your company suffer from an image deficit?

How to find difficulties in recruiting?

Launch the search with the sector in which the vacancy falls as the first filter, then your geographical area as the second filter by clicking on the map. The results table will then tell you if the “Difficulties in recruiting” affect the whole sector in a significant way or not.

How to deal with a shortage of candidates?

To deal with this type of difficulty, you can also turn to other recruitment schemes. To find out more, read the article “Recruitment difficulties linked to a shortage of candidates: what can I do?” .