What are the properties of lime?

What are the properties of lime?

What are the properties of lime?

The advantages of liming are explained by the properties of lime : antiseptic, it disinfects, purifies the atmosphere. it lets the masonry breathe, therefore reduces humidity and thus avoids water condensation.

Why use lime?

The lime lets the walls of old and new buildings breathe. It promotes hygrometric exchanges and the evacuation of humidity. It captures and releases water vapour. It prevents rising damp.

How long is a rental?

Talking about the duration of a rental means determining the minimum initial duration for which the rental contract is concluded. When the rental concerns unfurnished accommodation, this varies according to the “quality” of the owner. Minimum duration of the accommodation rental.

What is the minimum rental period for an accommodation?

Minimum duration of the accommodation rental. The lease contract must be entered into for an initial period of at least: 3 years, when the owner is an individual, a civil family real estate company (i.e. constituted exclusively between relatives and allies up to the 4th degree included) or joint possession,

How is renting accommodation?

The rental then continues automatically and under the same conditions, without it being necessary to sign an amendment to the first contract. However, if the landlord feels that the rent is “manifestly undervalued”, he can offer a renewal of the lease with a rent increase.

How long is a lease?

At the end of the initial period of three or six years, if your landlord has not given you notice to recover his rental, the lease is automatically renewed for the same period as before.