What are the roles of the secret services?

What are the roles of the secret services?

What are the roles of the secret services?

The role of services intelligence is to avoid any “surprise” at the strategic level, to provide long-term expertise, to maintain the secret information, needs and methods, as well as supporting government policy.

How to work for the Secret Service?

For those thinking of joining the secret Service and wish to pursue a career in this field, it is necessary to pass a public service competition, to be a French citizen, to be over 18 years old, to have a clean criminal record, and to meet the conditions of aptitude physics required.

How do intelligence services work?

The intelligence services have the primary task of providing the government with reliable information on threats to the state and its people. They decipher complex issues and warn of emerging problems, threats to national interests, risks and opportunities.

What is ISI?

VS’is an approach to the technological environment in which we live. It makes it possible to acquire the bases of a scientific and technical culture thanks to the study of current products.

What kind of information?

Counter-intelligence or counter-information : it concerns the fight against foreign interference in the interests of the State, and the protection of its sensitive information. Intelligence criminal: it concerns judicial police activities related to the fight against criminal networks.

How to register in the secret service?

Join the Secret Service Get a graduate degree in business, foreign languages, or join the police. Complete an application with a government intelligence agency. To submit to an investigation into his past. Watch the movie of your life.

Why are secret agents recruited by the intelligence services?

Some secret agents are recruited directly by the intelligence services at their place of work because of the unique position they occupy, which represents an interest for the nation. The missions entrusted to these contractors are sometimes carried out on a voluntary basis, or remunerated, depending on the case.

What is the job of a secret agent?

Job description: Secret agent. A secret agent practices espionage and clandestine intelligence gathering in foreign countries on behalf of France, as well as data analysis. Some agents may specialize in industrial espionage or in the fight against terrorism.

How do you know if a secret agent is caught by the security guards?

Learn to tell right from wrong and know how to lie in all circumstances. If a secret agent is caught by the security guards around midnight hiding in the security PC with a flashlight, he must know how to find an excuse or a credible escape in the blink of an eye.