What are the studies to become a photographer?

What are the studies to become a photographer?

What are the studies to become a photographer?

2 years to prepare for the BTS photographyfollowed by 2 or 3 years to obtain a diploma from the École Louis-Lumière or the École d’Arles (access directly after the baccalaureate in certain specialized schools); 5 years to the diploma of the Ensad section photography or the DNSEP mention art, in art school.

How to convert to photography?

Designed to train in the profession of photographer with validation of prior learning, the BEP of photography in retraining professional training is spread over 35 weeks from September to June, or approximately 1,200 hours of training per year.

How to become a photographer in France?

If you hold a foreign diploma, it is possible, under certain conditions, to obtain an equivalence to exercise the profession of photographer in France. You can become a photographer after studying photography. Here’s where to train for a photography degree:

What is the salary of a photographer?

Extremely variable according to the sector and the reputation of the photographer, the average monthly salary of a photographer is 1430 euros gross. If he works for an agency, his salary will vary according to his place of practice, his missions and the size of his company.

What is the role of a photographer?

When working alone, a photographer is responsible for the production of his photos from shooting to printing. He generally delegates the draw to an external service provider. Therefore, he must know his professional environment perfectly in order to collaborate only with people he trusts.

What is the profession of a photographer?

Photographer. Shooting in the strict sense represents few jobs. The photographer works in the laboratory where 90% of jobs are located. The job is different depending on the field: scientific photography, advertising, press, art… IT is everywhere in photography.