What are the supports for students?

What are the supports for students?

What are the supports for students?

Of many aids are accessible to students, in particular: – the CROUS grant, awarded on social criteria; – I’aid housing (APL, ALS etc); – them aids regional; – I’aid on merit; – the Erasmus+ grant; – I’aid to mobility to I’student in Masters.

How do I get the Departure 18 25 aid?

To be eligible for theaidDeparture 18 :25 “, you must have between 18 and 25 years at the time of departure on vacation (and not at the time of booking). You must also respect: Resource conditions: your reference tax income must not exceed €17,280/year.

Who is entitled to the exceptional CAF bonus?

You will receive help exceptional €150 from Pôle emploi if you are registered as a job seeker, that you are no longer entitled to return-to-work assistance allowances (ARE) and that you are entitled to compensation under the ASS, the AER or the prime lump sum for resumption of activity, for …

Who can benefit from Lancv?

Be at least 60 years old (or 55 if you have a disability) Be retired or unemployed. Reside on French territory.

How to register on the ANCV website?

To can register program, you must first return the registration form with the supporting documents, including the tax notice. You also have the option of contacting theANCV online from www.ancv.com/contact.

How do I apply for a holiday voucher?

contact your employer, your social and economic committee or staff representatives if you are a private sector employee; public officials of the state must To do their request with the HRD (Human Resources Department), the staff association or the National Social Action Committee.

Who will be entitled to the exceptional bonus?

the prime benefits employees whose remuneration is less than 3 SMIC (over the 12 months preceding its payment) it is paid within a period provided for by law: this year, between June 1, 2021 and . it does not replace any element of remuneration.