What are the swims?

What are the swims?

What are the swims?

The 4 types of swimming

  • The breaststroke: the swimming the “beginner” The breaststroke is unquestionably the swimming the most widely practiced, in particular thanks to the fact that itis one of swimming easiest to learn. …
  • The crawl: the swimming competitions. …
  • The backstroke: the swimming relaxing. …
  • The butterfly: the swimming physical.

How is the TAGE MAGE score calculated?

You can have up to 20 points per subgame and 60 points per game (there are 3). the score end of TAGE MAGE evolves from -150 to +600. He is calculated by taking the average of the points obtained per game, multiplied by 10.

What is the best stroke?

Every sports discipline builds muscle, but swimming takes first place on the podium when it comes to having results on the entire body. Between the breaststroke, the butterfly and the crawl, here is the most effective.

What is the TAGE MAGE business school score?

the TAGE MAGE score is a score out of 600 obtained after passing the test. The official document is sent to the schools to which you are applying. No minimum is required but a score higher than 300 enhances your file and increases your chances of admission by business school.

What TAGE MAGE Skema score?

Score to Tagus Magus to SKEMA The coefficients are respectively 10 for the Toeic and the Tagus Magus and 5 for the backrest. So the score to Tagus Magus represents 40% of eligibility and the score to Tagus Magus to SKEMA is 300.