What are the uses of photography?

What are the uses of photography?

What are the uses of photography?

The negatives can also be used as support for the interview. The photography is no longer just a substitute for drawing, a descriptive database: it becomes a means of exchange.

What were the first uses of photography?

We says that a device photographic was taken to Saint Helena to immortalize the body of Napoleon I on a daguerreotype when his coffin was opened in 1840.

Who invented the first photography tools?

the first photographic tool : the daguerreotype in 1838 Niépce died in 1833, Daguerre continued the work alone and inventsin 1838, the daguerreotype, first process comprising a development step.

What are the first cameras?

52 It was during their adult life that the people interviewed saw the spread of amateur photography and that most of them appropriated it. The first Instamatic models (small, fully automatic and inexpensive devices) were marketed in France in 1963.

What is Photography?

1 Nothing is more common today than photography: it is a common form of image in the press or on advertising posters, it is also a massively widespread practice among the population.

What are the benefits of family photography?

44 It is necessary to reflect on the transformations of the mourning process since the generalization of family photography, which preserves the visual presence of deceased persons and, by this very fact, contradicts their physical disappearance.

Why are photographs important for seniors?

It is no longer a question, or at least no longer necessarily, of meeting up, but of communicating. 98 Finally, the photographs adorn the interiors of the elderly with reflections of the disappeared on one side and the absent on the other. It is not surprising that they have taken such a place in lives often marked by loneliness.