What are the uses of slate?

What are the uses of slate?

What are the uses of slate?

In the field of construction, theslate is no longer content to cover the roofs but also serves as a protective facing and paving. It is also used in mulch as ground cover. Furthermore, theslate carves and engraves.

What type of rock is slate?

L’slate is a rock metamorphic thatis formed under high pressure and temperature conditions. It belongs to the family of schists from which it is distinguished by the quality of its grain, which is particularly fine, and its fissility. These properties make it suitable for use as roofing material.

Is slate recyclable?

100% recyclableslate natural is a mineral and its recycling is without impact on the environment. It enhances your achievementsExcellent resistance over time,slate natural has technical properties that last for decades.

How to lay slate?

The laying of the slate must be permitted by the municipality’s PLU. It is indeed a material that is not authorized throughout the territory. If laying the slate is relatively simple, it is only for competent professionals with the right tools.

What are the disadvantages of slate?

What are the disadvantages of slate? Despite its undeniable advantages, slate is not without drawbacks: Slate is not an economical material. The natural form is very expensive with an average of 1 euro per square meter.

Why are slates of poor quality?

Poor quality slates are prone to rust. This defect comes from the presence of iron ore (the best known form is that of pyrite, but garnets and magnetite are also found) contained in certain veins of the deposit or dispersed.

What are the dangers of slate?

Note: a slate is likely to contain crystals of pyrite, a metal whose corrosion can weaken the material or alter its appearance. Slate is a non-porous mineral and not very sensitive to temperature variations.