What are the values ​​of Société Générale?

What are the values ​​of Société Générale?

What are the values ​​of Société Générale?

Our four values communes We work with our customers as we work among ourselves: listening, co-construction, valuing contributions, trust, solidarity in successes as well as in difficulties.

Who are Société Générale’s customers?

Societe Generalethe Crédit du Nord group and Boursorama Banque serve a clientele of individuals, companies, professionals, associations and local authorities.

Why choose to work at Société Générale?

We have the chance to to work on interdisciplinary projects, on an international scale. In this pool of actions and learning, innovation and new ideas all have their place: they are what allow us to improve the daily lives of our customers.

Who are the shareholders of Société Générale?

Societe Generale
Logo of the Societe Generale
DirectorsFrederic Oudea
ShareholdersJanuary 2020: Employees: 6.17% BlackRock, Inc.: 6.04% Lyxor International Asset Management: 5.4% Treasury shares and treasury: 3% Caisse des dépôts et consignations: 2.55% Dodge & Cox: 4.96 % NOC: 1%

What are the subsidiaries of Société Générale?


Why does the Societe Generale application not work?

If you not reach not to log in to your online accounts on the website of the Societe Generale, maybe you have been the victim of fraud on your customer area. An email has been sent to you from your institution asking you for unknown reasons to re-enter your login credentials.

What is the culture that the Societe Generale group wishes to develop?

By supporting educational projects for young people, in particular through music or sport, by accompanying them on the path to employment, Group wishes to develop the skills and life skills they need to integrate fully into the society.

How many subsidiaries does Societe Generale have?

According to a survey by Economic Alternatives, Societe Generale had 57 subsidiaries in tax havens in 2008, or 17% of the total number of companies in the group. However, the number of its subsidiaries on the site of the Royal Bank of Scotland is constantly changing according to a study conducted by CCFD-Terre Solidaire.

What are the divisions of Société Générale?

The group will develop around three major divisions: retail banking, asset management (SGAM – Société Générale Asset Management) and corporate and investment banking (SGCIB – Société Générale Corporate & Investment Banking). This development will result in external and internal growth.

What is the Societe Generale commitment?

This commitment guides our missions: protecting and managing savings, financing projects, protecting customers in their lives and in their activities, securing exchanges, offering the best technological solutions. In view of its missions, the Societe Generale group has updated the expression of its “raison d’être”.

How much is the Societe Generale fine?

In November 2018, Societe Generale agreed to pay a fine of $1.34 billion to several American authorities in order to put an end to the prosecution for violation of the embargoes targeting Cuba, as well as, to a lesser extent, Iran and Sudan, .