What baccalaureate to become a game designer?

What baccalaureate to become a game designer?

What baccalaureate to become a game designer?

Become a game designer : training required After a bin S, ES or STD2A, you can opt for: – BTS visual communication multimedia option; – BTS trades of audiovisual business option of the image ; – Computer science DUT option digital imaging.

What is the job of a game designer?

the game designer is in charge of creating the mechanics and rules of a video game. More specifically, it takes care of the gameplay. During his missions, he must keep in mind to design the best possible gameplay, and ensure the consistency of the whole.

What job to create video games?

Top 10 of trades from video game

  • Programmer video games.
  • Tester video games.
  • Stream.
  • Game designer.
  • Editor video.
  • Creator of contents.
  • character designer.
  • Concept artist.

Why be a game designer?

the game designer holds a key position in the production of a video game. It is he who designs the gameplay, that is to say the concept, the mechanics of the game and its handling. Its first objective is to make the game as attractive as possible.

What studies to create video games?

You must hold a baccalaureate + 3 at least: professional license with a specialization in video game or DN MADE mention digital or animation; 5 years to a specialized course in school (Ensad, Beaux-arts, Supinfogame, Gobelins…) or a master’s degree, for example, audiovisual, interactive digital media, games.

How to buy original games?

Some are available in toy stores (Kingtoy, Grande Récré) but to find what you’re looking for, there’s nothing like talking to a specialist at an original game store near you. You can also buy online at Philibert, Esprit jeu or Sortilèges.

How to design a fun project?

It’s about designing a fun project or a game that suits you! You choose and we finalize the design phase framework. We build step by step, as close as possible to your teams so that the result obtained corresponds exactly to what you expect.

What is the price of a game?

Between 20 and 40€: party game, game with friends, games for children Around 90€: game containing figurines (Zombicide for example) More than 95€: big game containing tons of tokens and figurines, collector’s game , game pack with expansions.

How long is a trial?

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