What challenges do nurses face?

What challenges do nurses face?

What challenges do nurses face?

The deteriorated work environment and organization of nursesexcessive workload, lack of recognition, violence experienced at work, psychological tensions, lack of support and respect as well as the imbalance between personal and professional life all represent …

What difficulties can professionals encounter in the search for this quality of care?

The first of difficulties encountered in such an exercise is to identify that its questioning is the potential basis for a work of research. The nurse’s scientific spirit too often ceases when the problem of care. Her resolution then appears to her to be independent of her.


What criteria are used to assess the quality of care?

criteria of quality of the care / patient care:

  • globality
  • continuity
  • permanence.
  • curative integration with preventive, rehabilitation.
  • efficiency
  • efficiency.

What are the different risks encountered in healthcare establishments?

Risks related to the use of the products of health : Medications. Blood products…Risks related to medical procedures and practices:

  • Diagnostic errors.
  • Processing error.
  • Insufficient mastery of a procedure.
  • Non-compliance with a procedure.
  • Insufficient mastery of a technical gesture.
  • Failure to respect a technical gesture.

What are the main categories of risks present in the hospital?

Professionals working in healthcare establishments (hospital or clinic) are potentially exposed to risks infections, chemicals, risks physical, to risks psychosocial (RPS), musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs)…

What is Nursing?

Nursing is a function in which the nurse is responsible for developing and implementing the patient’s care plan. In this sense, he carries out care intended to maintain or restore the health of the sick person.

What are the challenges for nurses?

In this sense, among these many challenges is that of the safety of the care provided by these health professionals, that of the fatigue of the nursing staff as well as that of the impact of the work environments on the health of these professionals (AIIC , RNAO, 2010) [1].

What are the working conditions of nurses?

Working conditions of nurses. The lack of personnel is pointed out, thus increasing the workload and requiring a heavy pace. A nurse who has to work 100% can work six consecutive days, has little opportunity to take rest, this is mainly due to the lack of staff.

Who are the future nurses?

In 2017, almost 31,000 of them joined a nursing training institute (Ifsi). These students, caregivers of tomorrow, face a sometimes difficult path before achieving the job of their choice. ActuSoins gives the floor to these future nurses. Articles published in n°28 of ActuSoins Magazine (March 2018).