What condition for student loan?

What condition for student loan?

What condition for student loan?

3 – What are the terms fill ?

  • For obtain a student loanyou must be of legal age (18) and in general have less of 30 years. …
  • You must prove your situation by producing a card ofstudenta certificate of education or proof of enrollment in your school or university.

What is the maximum amount for a student loan?

€20,000 The student loan guaranteed by the State (BPI) allows ‘obtain a credit up to €20,000 to finance his studies. Accessible in 5 banks, it allows you to subscribe to a ready without benefit of parental guarantee.

What is the average student loan rate?

Student loan: our comparison

EstablishmentMaximum repayment periodRate
Student loan scalable” from Societe Generale9 years0.90% to 2% (depending on course) ‘studies)
Student loan from BNP Paribas12 years1.50%
Ready CIC studies10 years1.50%
Student loan » from BRED10 years1.71%

What is special about a student loan?

The student loans are granted at a particularly attractive interest rate, on average 2 to 3 points lower than that of loans classics. Amount you have to pay ready depends on the needs of thestudentthe duration of his studies and his possibilities of reimbursement once he has entered working life.

What are the best loans?

Barometer of the best personal loan rates

48 months60 months
5 0 €2.79%5.49%
€10,000 to €14,9992.79%4.45%
More from €15,0002.80%4.21%

What is the most advantageous bank in Senegal?

The classification of banks according to the size of the resources shows that the CBAO, the Société Générale and the subsidiary ECOBANK Senegal hold the more significant market shares with respectively 15.1%, 13.3% and 8.0%.