What deduction for home employment?

What deduction for home employment?

What deduction for home employment?

What is the amount of the tax credit to I’use from one employee to residence ? The amount of the tax credit is equal to 50% of the expenses incurred during the year, within the limit of a ceiling of €12,000 per year increased of €1,500 in the following cases: per dependent or attached child (€750 in the event of alternating custody)

How to declare the actual costs with containment?

If you choose to deduct real coststhe allowances paid by employer are tax exempt on Income. You don’t have to to declare. You cannot deduct your fresh working from home, but you can deduct your other real costs (fresh professionals, not related to teleworking).

How to calculate unemployment benefits after losing a job?

For auto-entrepreneurs who submit their status after the loss of a job, the amount of unemployment benefits is calculated by Pôle Emploi, which first proceeds to an abatement on your turnover, then withdraws 70% of this amount. on the AER. The percentage of the allowance depends on the type of activity carried out.

How does the income update work?

The updating of income by the Caf is automatic: the amount of resources is directly recovered by the fund from taxes and Pôle emploi. But in general, a change in professional or family situation must be reported to the Caf.

How to calculate unemployment rights?

This is calculated by dividing the amount of ARE by that of the daily unemployment allowance, then subtracting the number of days in the month. In our example, €890/€40 gives 22 days, so we get 10 additional days (31d-21d) of unemployment rights.

How to declare your income as a self-employed person?

You must also declare all of your income as a self-employed entrepreneur and as an employee when you have another job. It is important to note that declarations to Pôle Emploi and URSSAF are separate.