What does a ceiling fan mean?

What does a ceiling fan mean?

What does a ceiling fan mean?

In summer, the blades of the ceiling fan should be oriented to rotate in the direction sense counterclockwise. When your fan spins quickly in that direction, it pushes the air down and creates a cool breeze.

How to choose a ceiling fan?

Unless you plan to change the motor of your ceiling fan or live in a draught, it is necessary to choose a ceiling fan in relation to the size of your room. Of course, a little common sense is in order and this guide should not be taken at face value in any situation.


What are the benefits of a ceiling fan?

Its primary purpose is to stir the air in the room to cool it in summer. But it also plays a key role in winter. Indeed, it makes it possible to optimize the distribution of the heat of the heating in period of cold seasons. In addition, this ceiling fan has the advantage of combining other significant functions.

How to choose your fan?

Find out which fan is right for you. Control. The wide selection of fans available gives you the opportunity to add an elegant look to your decor. Based on the size of your room, the right size fan will produce a comfortable breeze evenly throughout the space.

How to save money with a ceiling fan?

In addition to providing you with important comfort, the right size ceiling fan can save you money. It’s cheap to run when compared to the power consumption of an air conditioner, which will save you a lot of money at the end of the month.