What increase in the index point in 2022?

What increase in the index point in 2022?

What increase in the index point in 2022?

Since the start of the current five-year period, it has been around 7.5%. In June 2022the forecasts point to inflation close to 6% over one year.

What is an increased index?

L’increased index (IM) is an element of the calculation of the agent’s gross remuneration and allowances (family salary supplement, residence allowance, etc.). To determine the gross index salary, theincreased index is multiplied by the value (annual or monthly) of the point ofindex.

When will the new hospital public service index grid for 2022 be announced?

The index grids are amended accordingly. Due to the catch-up of the minimum wage on May 1 2022the minimum processing index of the Public service is revalued from 3 (in increased indices).

How is an increased index calculated?

Since February 1, 2017, the value of the annual gross index salary of theincreased index 100 is set at €5,623.23. Your annual gross index salary is calculated as follows: Your increased index x Annual value of the gross index salary corresponding to MI 1.

When will the index point increase take place?

The new Prime Minister confirms it: civil servants will benefit from a increase general in 2022.

When will the civil service index point be revalued?

In order to prevent certain agents of the public service are paid below the minimum wage threshold, theindex minimum agent pay public is therefore raised from 1 May 2022.

What will change for civil servants in 2022?

2.65% revaluation for civil servants In the public servicethe minimum salary index is increased by 2.65% on May 1 2022, to take into account the increase in the Smic on May 1 2022.