What is a DASEN called?

What is a DASEN called?

What is a DASEN called?

the DASEN is a senior civil servant subject to a mobility obligation every 6 years. Appointed by decree of the President of the Republic, he can also be removed from this function for the interest of the service.

How to obtain Dasen’s agreement?

As for the two other formulas, this possibility is free for children under 16, on deal and request of the Head of establishment. The authorization of the headteacher is sufficient (signature of the registration document which can be downloaded from the CNED website). The prior authorization of the DASEN is not required.


What is the salary of a Dasen?

5,473 euros wages base paid to these senior civil servants, if they seem high for the majority of French people (a DASEN earns between 3,458 and 5,473 euros gross monthly) remain quite modest compared to the level of qualification required and the responsibilities assumed.

What is the Regional Academic Committee?

In the nine regions comprising several academies, the rector of the academic region chairs a regional academic committee on which all the rectors of the region sit. This body makes it possible to harmonize, within the academic region, the public policies of National Education, Higher Education and Research.

Who is the academy rector?

Appointed by decree of the President of the Republic in the Council of Ministers, the rector of the academy exercises in the academy the missions relating to the content and organization of the educational action and represents the Minister in charge of National Education within of the academy and its constituent departments.

What are the benefits of an academy?

If you make the right choice of an academy when you register, you can have no guarantee concerning your future department or your municipality of practice. You often have to accept being a little mobile and patient at the start of your career.

What are the prerequisites for appointing an agent?

Prerequisites for appointment. To recruit a new agent, it is necessary to check a number of elements. The agent must: possess French nationality or be a European national, enjoy his civil rights,