What is a hard floor?

What is a hard floor?

What is a hard floor?

The hard floors These are all floors which require relatively significant work and which are simply tough touch. So there is stone, concrete, tiles, parquet.

What is a soft floor?

the soft ground is a covering that comes in a wide variety of materials: rubber, PVC, resin, wool or fibers of synthetic origin, linoleum, vinyl, carpet…

Which parquet for resistant?

the wooden floor laminated is a good compromise, stable, durable, rather easy to install. However, it is more expensive than laminate. the wooden floor massive is the noblest and most wearingbut it is the most expensive and the most restrictive in terms of installation.

How to make a soft floor?

The preparation of soft ground The pose of a soft ground requires a previously prepared surface. It is customary to apply coatings shaped in plastic materials on a support with certain qualities, namely: – Flatness. Indeed, your surface should not have any irregularities.

What is the lifespan of timber construction?

The lifespan of a Wood Construction is thus estimated at more than 100 years. But many examples around the world prove us an often much higher longevity: Half-timbered houses in many regions in France. Many homes in the United States.

What is the lifespan of a wooden deck?

Lifespan of a wooden deck. A lifespan of 10 years can be given for decking in class 3 and 20 years for decking in class 4. This lifespan still depends on the exposure of the terrace (regions, North/South orientation, seaside, termites…)

What is the durability of wooden constructions over time?

Durability of wooden constructions over time. Wood constructions are very resistant to the ravages of time. In fact, the rules of the art define in standardization works the conditions of implementation, the choice of wood, and, where applicable, the certified treatments. This allows you to protect yourself definitively against…

How to choose wood species?

An installation in the rules of the art to allow a good ventilation of the work. Wood species are classified in risk class from 1 to 4 according to their class of use. It is therefore necessary to use essences wisely.