What is a quality charter?

What is a quality charter?

What is a quality charter?

” A quality charter is a document summarizing the commitments of all the members of an organization or a profession towards their clients.

Why a quality charter?

The benefits of quality charter The quality charter pushes the company to evaluate itself and try to improve constantly. Have a quality charter allows the company to communicate on its approach quality. It can thus reach its customers but also its suppliers and collaborators.

What is the role of a charter?

The charter is above all a tool for internal cohesion. It makes it possible to agree at any time on the objectives, rights and duties of everyone within the network. It draws up the means, the action plan and the methods of meeting its members.

What are the quality standards?

The quality standards are defined as documents that provide requirements, specifications, guidelines or characteristics that can be used consistently to ensure that materials, products, processes and services are suited to their purposes.

What is the value of a charter?

Unlike a company’s internal regulations, charters have no value legal. However, case law notes that many companies grant these charters business a value legal.

What is the company charter?

A charter ofbusiness makes it possible to formulate in writing the values ​​of thebusiness as well on its philosophy, its policy as on its orientations. The charter ofbusiness can also be called charter values ​​of a business because it is a real tool for managing your teams.

What is the importance of a graphic charter?

Why a graphical charter ? The main purpose of this document is to ensure that the brand is correctly and consistently represented. In this way, your audience will be able to recognize the brand very quickly whatever the circumstances.

What are the different ISO standards?

The ISO standards best known for business are the standards following:

  • 9000, 9001, 9004: quality management system;
  • 14001: environmental management system;
  • 26000: social responsibility;
  • 50001: energy management system;
  • 31000: risk management system.


How to create a quality charter?

Drafting a quality charter 1 Creation of the quality charter. To create a quality charter in the image of a company, all the bodies of… 2 Clarity of the quality charter. The quality charter will have a positive impact on the company if the commitments listed are… 3 Impact of a quality charter. More…

What are the objectives of a quality charter?

The actions taken to achieve the objectives in terms of quality. The quality charter will have a positive impact on the company if the commitments listed are achievable and respected by all members of the company. A good quality charter: must not contain conditions of sale or advertising.

What is the quality charter?

The quality charter is an added value, it must be understood by all customers but also the bodies issuing certifications or standards. Good to know: The quality charter can be communicated through different media such as the Internet, the media and even packaging.

What is the role of charters in business?

The charters seem to us to have more to be used as an informative prevention tool in the company, a tool of internal cohesion making it possible to agree on the rights and obligations of each one.