What is a university dean?

What is a university dean?

What is a university dean?

The deanerythe Dean faculty is accountable to the Academic Council and the authorities of theUniversity animation, planning, organization and management of its faculty.

Why choose Sorbonne University?

The Sorbonne is the most recognized of all universities French in this ranking which takes into account both academic reputation, reputation with employers, citations per article, and also the productivity of the establishment’s teaching staff.

Why go to the University of Nantes?

Recognized university degrees License, BUT, pro license, master… Nantes University, our diplomas are controlled by the State and integrated into the LMD system (Bachelor Master Doctorate) which allows them to be recognized at European level. A pledge of seriousness and recognition for your future experiences!

What is the salary of a university president?

As civil servants, the remuneration of the presidents ofuniversity consists of their index salary and the administration bonus, which is the same for everyone. This salary can vary from €30,000 gross annually to €100,000 or even €156,000 for those who are also hospital practitioners.

What grades to enter the Sorbonne?

Sorbonne : A score equal to or greater than 10 to all the students.

Why choose Nantes?

which is becoming more and more attractive. Between the Atlantic Ocean, the Loire, the Erdre and the Sèvre, Nantes lives to the rhythm of the currents. Its central position in the Grand-Ouest and its good connectivity with Paris (2 hours by TGV Atlantique) make it especially attractive and fulfilling for professionals.

What is the prime minister’s salary?

In 2021, the Prime Minister’s remuneration is €15,203 gross per month; the remuneration of ministers and deputy ministers is €10,135 gross per month; the remuneration of the Secretaries of State is €9,623 gross per month.

What are the criteria for ranking universities?

The ranking criteria are mainly the academic reputation of the universities, that which they have with employers, and the number of publications and citations in scientific journals. Criteria that necessarily favor the Anglo-Saxon behemoths, which unsurprisingly dominate the various rankings of this list.

Are French universities in difficulty?

Behind, French universities are in difficulty. This year, the QS firm puts establishments in competition in 46 subjects.

What is the latest university ranking?

RANKINGS – The specialized firm QS unveils its world ranking of universities by discipline. Behind the unbeatable Harvard, Oxford and MIT, French establishments pale in comparison. Anglo-Saxon establishments crush the latest university rankings.

How to successfully enter university?

Read also: back to university: the 7 places to (quickly) spot. Once integrated into a group, opt for collaborative tools. Co-authoring on Google Drive or Framapad is very useful. It allows you to share notes or avoid the multiplication of versions if you have presentations to prepare together.