What is a VIA?

What is a VIA?

What is a VIA?

Be an international volunteer in business (VIE) or in administration (VIA), vs’is go on a professional mission abroad while benefiting from a protective public status.

How to get a VIA?

enjoy their civil rights and to have a clean criminal record. Fulfill the physical fitness conditions required for people carrying out similar activities in the host organisation. Accept the obligations of discretion, convenience and reserve related to the diplomatic nature of the mission.

Who can make a living?

You can be a volunteer if you meet the following 5 conditions: Be between 18 and 28 years old on the date of registration. The departure on mission takes place at the latest on the day of the 29th birthday. Beyond that, no derogation is granted.

How old is life?

You are approachingage fateful limit? Assume that you must be 28 years old at the time of departure on mission, knowing that the start of the LIFE and VIA is always done on the 1st of the month.

Why do a VIA?

It is a springboard for accessing employment and an international career accelerator. For a recruiter, it is the guarantee of having to To do to an autonomous, responsible and resourceful candidate. For you, it is often the opportunity to be recruited by the company that welcomes you on a mission.

Where to find VIA?

For to find a VIE or a VIAyou have several solutions:

  • to apply via civiweb, the platform dedicated to International Volunteering (VIE and VIA) of the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs,
  • consult the offers available directly on the companies’ websites,

Who pays the salary of a VIE?

The company must pay allowances to the volunteer it sends on mission within the framework of the LIFE. A part of allowances paid by the company can be supported by the region in the form of subsidies.

What are the benefits of LIFE?

The LIFE offer remuneration predefined by Business France, indexed to the cost of the life and allowing you to live very well once in your host country. In addition to the remuneration, there is also health coverage, transport and sometimes even accommodation on site, all of which has already been negotiated for you.

Is it possible to make several LIFE?

the LIFE is a unique experience and for a unique company: we cannot To do 2 LIFE different.

Where can I find a Civiweb number?

Where to find your number Defense ID? When you register on the Mon Volontariat International website (formerlyCiviweb), you are asked for your number defense identifier, also called number military or number defense.