What is important in the animation group?

What is important in the animation group?

What is important in the animation group?

It will thus be a question of knowing the bases of games and activities allowing to animate in all circumstances, itis to say : – animation requiring significant preparation: major games, Olympics, treasure hunts, artistic projects, construction or object-making activities, storytelling and shows.

What are the values ​​of a facilitator?

Contact with the public, the quality of human relations, social commitment, altruism, the defense of values universal, associated with a profession where “routine does not exist”, where “the idea of ​​creating takes on its full meaning”, such are the primary motivations of animators questioned.

What are group facilitation techniques?


  • Brainstorming allows:
  • The three-word method is useful for:
  • Photo-language makes it possible to:
  • The moving debate makes it possible to:
  • The World Café aims to:
  • The questions and answers allow you to:

What are the objectives of a facilitator?

Main missions

  • Design your projectanimationorganize and animate the activity program (leisure, tutoring, early childhood)
  • Explain, expose modes of realization, rules of the game Accompany the public: evaluate the individual, family and social situation of the person.

Who can be a facilitator?

These are generally training related to education, sports coaching or social. Thus, holders of a DUT (university diploma in technology) specializing in social careers, option animation social and socio-cultural can be counted as BAFA holders.

What are the criteria for a successful animation?

The layout: spatial and temporal, it is important of manage time and of know where theanimation (indoor or outdoor, with or without table/chair, with or without lights, sound system, sets or other specific equipment). It is also necessary to know where and when to install the equipment.

Why work in animation?

Working in animation is much more than just an animation job. In view of the complexity that relationships with children can take on, it is more than necessary for the animator to have certain qualities, skills and assets before embarking on this universe.

How to get into animation school?

The selection is tough to enter such establishments. It is therefore advisable to take a preparatory class in art or animation to have a chance in the most prestigious animation schools in France. How to put the odds on your side to enter animation school?

How to do animations?

Upstream communication work with the teams “on the floors” as well as sometimes inter-individual mobilization of service agents and nursing assistants are therefore the keys to the success of the activities. 10 Animation preparation time is the time that makes animations “real” work.

What are the negative consequences of animation?

What would be the negative consequences for you? This time it’s the demotivation and the abandonment of the animation of the group which comes first (or the temptation to go back to a more directive scheme or with a lot less people (a “risk of radicalization of my attitude in animation […] and therefore a degradation of the atmosphere”).