What is it to live in philosophy?

What is it to live in philosophy?

What is it to live in philosophy?

Set of events and activities that constitute the framework and content of an existence, on an individual or collective level. Set of elements that give value to human existence. Usual course of things, even fate.

What benefit does the practice of philosophy give us?

” The philosophy plays a central role in education. “Studying this subject should enable students to have in-depth discussions of ideas, encourage open-mindedness, and develop communication and thinking skills,” saidyoushe declared.

Why did you just philosophize?

You have also just philosophized.. human beings are born with thought in them, which is to say that they are born with philosophy. The word philosophy is only a label that has been stuck on thought to encourage human beings to carry out their thoughts by resorting to reason and rationality.

How does philosophy teach us to think for ourselves?

Thus, philosophy teaches us to think for ourselves and therefore allows us to emerge from the state of minority. So philosophy having its pure critical function, it leads to the knowledge of all things by their ultimate causes and this knowledge is acquired by using reason.

Why not think about philosophy?

Philosophy makes it possible to live better. Similarly if a man is destitute, very unhappy, he will not think of philosophy because he will be more preoccupied with solving problems or filling in the gaps that are an obstacle to his happiness. In this sense, in the order of the necessary, we do not reflect on philosophy.

How to improve the practice of philosophy?

Above all, do not spare yourself: progress is measured by the intensity of the practice. The first step is not to delve into books, but to first ask yourself what philosophy can be used for, what it can bring you.