What is NASA’s role?

What is NASA's role?

What is NASA’s role?

Created in 1958, the National aeronautics and space administration (National administration of space and aeronautics, in French) is the organization in charge of the civil space program of the United States.

What job at NASA?

The astronomer studies the celestial system, the origin and the evolution of the Universe. He or she can choose to specialize in astrometry (position and movement of the stars), celestial mechanics (laws governing the movement of the stars) or astrophysics (physics applied to astronomy).

Which 5 countries in the following list have well-functioning space agencies?


  • Argentina: National Activities Commission spatial created in 1991.
  • Brazil: space agency Brazilian created in 1994.
  • Canada: space agency (ASC), created in 1989.
  • Colombia: Colombian Space Commission (CCE), founded on July 18, 2006.

How to apply for an internship in NASA?

If you have ever participated in a NASA program or had any NASA experience, be sure to include it in your resume. In addition, it is important to say why you want to have an internship in NASA.

How do I know if I have been selected for an internship at NASA?

After submitting your application, you can log back in and check the status of your application on your dashboard. If you are selected for an internship at NASA, the internship team will send you an email with the next steps in your journey at NASA.

How to pass an internship?

The mission must be linked to training and provide new skills. It must correspond to the level of the student. When an internship is not observational, it is expected that the intern can work independently. When he encounters a difficulty, he must first seek the solution by himself.

Why do an internship at university?

Every year, thousands of students temporarily leave the university benches to go on internships. The internship is an important and rewarding step in several training courses.