What is Punta di Roma?

What is Punta di Roma?

What is Punta di Roma?

All about the punta di roma fabric or romanite jersey. the tissue romanite jersey is a particularly versatile type of jersey, which can be used above all to make garments such as dresses, jackets, tops or pants.

What is fusible interfacing?

Interlining = C’is a general term that defines the act of ironing different types of iron-on on different fabrics. iron-on = C’is a fabric, woven or not, composed of a fabric part and an adhesive part which reacts to heat to adhere to the fabric. There are white, black and sometimes gray.

What is the Maillé massacre?

The Maillé massacre is the murder during the Second World War of 1 inhabitants of the French commune of Maillé in Indre-et-Loire. Following an ambush a few days before and in retaliation for the actions of the local resistance against the German occupier,…

What’s going on in Maille?

The next morning, the day Paris was liberated, an Allied squadron bombarded a military convoy and 88 mm anti-aircraft guns from the Luftwaffe in Maillé. Shortly after, access to Maillé was blocked by German forces. “In the south-west, about fifty soldiers [allemands] begins the massacre in the first farms.

What is the difference between a loom and a hand weave?

The fabric is traditionally woven by hand. In the large textile factories, the looms are electric and do not require the same know-how as weaving by hand. A loom is used to weave the fabric.

How to make woven fibers?

Before being woven, the fibers must be in the form of threads. The threads are held by the loom in order to be able to produce the weave. Once the fabric is made, it can be tinted with color using plants like leaves or tree bark.