What is Queen Elizabeth’s salary?

What is Queen Elizabeth's salary?

What is Queen Elizabeth’s salary?

11.2 million euros at its queen. Every year, Elizabeth He receives a “civil list” which finances the expenses of representation, his current expenses but also the maintenance of his palaces.

What is the funding of the British royal family?

Income from royal estates and costs of endowment to taxpayers The British royal family, unlike other European royal families, has two main sources of funding: the royal endowment and the profits from family estates.

What is the income of the royal family?

This year, the Royal Family’s real estate, land and commercial properties brought in £343.5 million, hence the new endowment set at £85.9 million for 2019 (this being set at 25% of personal income of the family).

What is the Royal Family?

The Queen, and the Royal Family more broadly, is the embodiment of the nation’s heritage. They are the repositories of the country’s history and traditions and represent a key element of national unity.

How much is the royal family endowment?

The remaining £49.3 million of the endowment is used to cover the costs of all members of the Royal Family, which works out to £0.74 per citizen.