What is Suge?

What is Suge?

What is Suge?

Railway Security, which is essentially made up of General Surveillance (Suge) is the railway police of the SNCF whose mission is protect, assist and secure passengers, staff and property across the entire SNCF network.

Why is the train derailing?

The derailment of this train was therefore deliberately caused by the safety installations, in this case, the silting needle visible in the track, a few meters in front of the train. Why set up such a device? To protect traffic lanes.

What is derailment?

A derailment can also be the consequence of a collision between two or more trains. Another cause of derailment can be the unloading of one or more wheels from an axle due to a track fault or poor balance of the vehicle’s suspension. In some cases,…

Why was the grain train derailed?

– Accous (Pyrénées-Atlantiques): drift then derailment of a cereal train, the driving team having gone out to manually sand the rails in order to improve the grip of the wheels which were spinning due to the weather conditions and the steep slope , on the line from Pau to Canfranc (Spain).

What is rail failure?

The failure of a mechanical part or the breakage of a rail in these sensitive parts is catastrophic. It can lead, if it occurs when the train is passing, to send the rear part of the train in a direction different from the front part.