What is the admission letter?

What is the admission letter?

What is the admission letter?

A letter of acceptance may be issued to a prospective student stating that the offer of a place in a program of study is conditional upon successful completion of the prerequisite courses or programs of study.

How to be accepted at the University of Montreal?

to be hold a high school diploma (or equivalent) and follow the Preparatory Year programme. to be hold a secondary school diploma (or equivalent) and successfully complete the first year of a 4-year Baccalaureate UdeM (offered for some programs).

What is the processing time for UQAC admission applications?

DELAY OF TREATMENT OF YOUR FILE Following a COMPLETE filing of your file (no missing document), the agent ofadmission and registration from the Bureau of InternationalUQAC will send you a letter ofadmission in one time limit 2 weeks maximum.

What is the processing time for UQTR admission applications?

After the date of receipt of all the documents required for the analysis of your file, plan a time limit 4 to 8 weeks for the treatment of your application for admission.

How do I activate my UQAC account?

First, you need to access the website of theUQAC (www.uqac.ca), click on “ My UQAC » : And click on « STUDENTS » : If the following sentence (about the collection of personal information) is displayed on the screen, click on « Accept » : 2.

How to pay the UQTR file fees?

This includes the Admission fee of $47.96 and the monetary deposit of $3,000. Candidates requesting a postponement need only make a payment $3,000 for the monetary deposit. the payment must be done in one payment and only by Western Union.

What further studies after a master’s degree?

The master’s degree gives students a bac+5 level diploma, i.e. a second cycle training. Students then have the choice of continuing their studies or entering the job market. What continuation of studies after a master?

What is the duration of a professional master?

Turned towards the business world, the professional master includes an internship in a company lasting a minimum of three months. Oriented towards university research, the research master includes the writing of a dissertation.

How to accept a study offer at UdeM?

By accepting your offer, you confirm that you intend to come and study at UdeM and you guarantee yourself a place. The deadlines for accepting the offer vary according to the situation of each student. This date is listed in your Student Center under the “Admissions” section.

Why is UdeM a world-oriented university?

A university turned towards the world. Each year, UdeM welcomes thousands of students from all over the world, while hundreds of students from home fly to other countries to take advantage of a study abroad stay. All. Items. Study programs. Course.