What is the area of ​​Puerto Rico?

What is the area of ​​Puerto Rico?

What is the area of ​​Puerto Rico?

9,104 km²Puerto Rico / Area Geography. Puerto Rico is an island state in the Caribbean Sea and the smallest and easternmost country in the Greater Antilles. The country has a total area of 8,870 km² and a total coastline length of 501 km.

What is the mid-life size?

Indeed, everyone knows that at the end of life, our size decreases by a few centimeters. Here we display the mid-life size. Two random sizes among the 29,746 sizes available at:

What is the average height of men and women in France?

Thus, the average height of men or women in France or elsewhere in the world varies according to ethnic groups. For example, the average white male adult is 1 meter 77cm tall and the black adult male is 1 meter 75cm tall. The average height of Hispanic adult males is 1.70m.

How do changes in the standard of living affect the average size of its population?

the genes. The following figures show that the evolution of a country’s standard of living over the decades has an influence on the evolution of the average size of its population.

How tall is a man?

XSless than 1.60m less than 55 kg. Sfrom 1.60m to 1.70m from 55 to 65 kg. Mfrom 1.65m to 1.75m from 65 to 75 kg. Lfrom 1.75m to 1.85m from 70 to 85 kg. XL from 1.80m to 1.90m from 80 to 95 kg. XXLover 1.90m 95 kg and over. MEN. 0S. 1M.