What is the artistic movement of the Scream?

What is the artistic movement of the Scream?

What is the artistic movement of the Scream?

the Shout (in Norwegian: Skrik) is an expressionist work by the Norwegian artist Edvard Munch of which there are five versions (two paintings, one pastel, one in pencil and one lithograph) made between 18.

What is the genre of the work the Scream?

His work the most famous is the Shout (in Norwegian Skrik). He belongs to the expressionist artistic current. Expressionism is a movement that was born at the beginning of the 20th century, in Northern Europe. It represents the reality in a distorted and subjective way to elicit a reaction from the public.

What are the characteristics of expressionism?

The characteristics of expressionism Like every artistic movement, expressionism presents certain particularities. And even if they are difficult to establish because of the variety of works, we quote some of them: Distortion of reality.

What is Expressionism?

Instead of a faithful representation of reality, the expressionists proposed to manifest in their works the emotions of the artist and, in turn, to produce similar emotions in the viewer. The main characteristics of Expressionism are:

Why did expressionism provoke a cry of protest among the population?

However, the moments of tension brought by the political context in which expressionism developed provoked a cry of protest among the population. This is why the expressionists reflect a feeling of heartbreak and frustration in their works.

Why is Expressionism so unique?

Its apparent simplicity is not incompatible with its depth and visual beauty. Moreover, something curious emanates from this expressionism movement: its close link with intuition. The peculiarity with which expressionist artists distorted reality is one of the factors that makes this current so unique.