What is the ceiling not to be exceeded to obtain the survivor’s pension?

What is the ceiling not to be exceeded to obtain the survivor's pension?

What is the ceiling not to be exceeded to obtain the survivor’s pension?

For benefit from the reversion in the basic private schemes (employees, farmers, liberal professions, self-employed), your personal income not have to not exceedin 2022, €21,985.60 if you live alone and €35,176.96 if you live as a couple (whether you got back into a relationship after the death of your …

What counts for the pension?

The service Pensions calculate your pension on salary basis that you perceived during of your career and on which social security contributions have been paid. You do not work (by ex. because you are unemployed or due to illness) and you receive a social allowance (equivalent period)?

Is the survivor’s pension cumulative with retirement?

You can accumulate your pension of personal retirement and an reversionary pension.

Which years count for retirement?

For calculate it, we take into account your top 25 years of career. Your average annual salary is equal to the average of the gross salaries received during the 25 years highest paid of your career.

What income is taken into account for the calculation of the survivor’s pension?

The income taken into account in the calculation of the survivor’s pension basic diet. For assess your rights, in principle, all the resources from applicant or their new home are taken into accountexcept those expressly excluded.

How is the survivor’s pension calculated?

The pension of reversion is calculated either on the basis of the pension of retirement perceived by the deceased, or according to the rights acquired by the latter on the date of his death. The minimum age for receiving a pension reversion is 55 years old.

How do I know if I am entitled to a survivor’s pension?

Who can benefit from the reversion ?

  • have been married to the insured;
  • be at least 55 years old;
  • not to exceed, in 2022, €21,985.60 in gross annual income, or €35,176.96 as a couple. These amounts were, in 2021, €21,798.4 for a single person and €34,877.44 for a couple.

When does the survivor’s pension end?

The reversal stops definitively if you remarry under the supplementary schemes for private sector employees and liberal professionals, for example, regardless of the subsequent development of your marital situation.

What is the difference between retirement and pension?

In private, the retirement base is calculated on the average of the best 25 years of income. In the audience, the pension is calculated on the wages of the last 6 months.

What is the income limit for a survivor’s pension?

The law conditions the payment of the survivor’s pension to a ceiling of resources that the surviving spouse must not exceed. The beneficiary’s annual personal resources (income from work, personal pensions, income from own assets, etc.) must not exceed the income ceiling for a survivor’s pension.

What is the minimum amount of survivor’s pension?

The amount of the reversion is equal to 54% of the pension received by the deceased, without taking into account any increases. But the amount thus calculated cannot be lower or higher than the following threshold and ceiling. The minimum amount of the survivor’s pension under the general scheme in 2021 is set at:

What is the ceiling for an employee’s pension?

However, it cannot exceed a certain ceiling: For an employee pension, we limit the annual salary to EUR 60,026.75. If your salary is higher than this amount, it will not entitle you to a larger pension.

How to calculate your pension?

Calculating your pension yourself is a difficult exercise. my pension .be makes your life easier: You can simulate your future pension amount there. You can plan your pension there yourself (you have a specific pension date in mind). my pension .be is adapted to the most recent legislation.