What is the definition of a Windows window?

What is the definition of a Windows window?

What is the definition of a Windows window?

A east window a rectangular area that appears on the screen to display the contents of a folder or software. The window can take all the space (full screen) or only a part. All the graphical interfaces of the systems use Windows.

What is a computer window called?

The Windows are sometimes called leaves, the notion of leaf being more representative. Indeed the Windows can be placed on top of each other, like sheets of paper.

How to restore the initial display of a window?

To restore the initial display, click again on the square – slightly modified –, which operates in toggle mode: the window returns to its original size and position. Note that you get exactly the same results by double-clicking on the window title bar. If you click on the cross, the window is closed.

How to enlarge a window?

An operation that is performed with the mouse or touchpad. Position the pointer over one of the edges or corners of the window. When its shape changes to become a double arrow, click and drag it in the desired direction, while holding down the button. The window expands or shrinks.

How to maximize a window on Windows 10?

Click on the Full screen box – when it is available –: the window expands to occupy the entire screen, thus hiding all others. Or click on the window title bar and, while holding down the button, shake the window.

What is a windows operating system?

And it is of course on the notion of windows that the graphical interface of Microsoft’s operating system is based. Almost everything is done within windows, whether it’s managing files with Explorer, Windows settings or, of course, software that runs within its own windows.