What is the difference between a map and a planisphere?

What is the difference between a map and a planisphere?

What is the difference between a map and a planisphere?

below cards ! In the strict sense, in fact, it seems that the term world map should be reserved for the case where the map is divided into two hemispheres, while one planisphere worthy of the name is supposed to represent the entire globe in a single flat projection!

How were the cards made?

Initially, the first cards were established on papyrus and parchment, therefore very fragile. Then until the 17th century, the old cards were traditionally recovered to make bindings. In this form, many cards old ones have been rediscovered.

What is the definition of the word planisphere?

planisphere Map representing in plane projection the two celestial hemispheres or the two hemispheres of a star, in particular of the Earth.

Why a planisphere?

Firstly, it makes it possible to quickly offer a complete picture of the world. It also allows the earth to be presented from different angles: natural regions, political boundaries, hydrography, etc. World maps are planispheres.

Why are there different global projections?

It exists a large number of systems projectioneach with very specific characteristics. Why this diversity? Quite simply to be able to adapt to the area to be mapped and to be able to represent it as faithfully as possible, that is to say with a minimum of deformation.

How was the world map created?

The first cartographic representations were born in the 12th century. The Peutinger Table then serves as an itinerary between several cities and/or regions, in a linear fashion. In 1154, the Arab geographer Al Idrissi made a world’s mapvery accurate for the time, the Tabula Rogeriana.

What is the origin of the word planisphere?

Composed of plani‑, taken from the Latin planus, “flat, plain, equal”, and of sphere. Domain mark: geography. Cartographic representation of the terrestrial globe, which results from a projection of the two hemispheres in the same plane.

What kind of planisphere?

dumbbell and planisphere are fairly common usage names and yet, very often, we are mistaken about their gender. Although both are indeed male, there is nois not uncommon to hear a dumbbell or a planisphere.

How does a planisphere work?

the planisphere celestial consists of two flat, circular discs whose centers rotate on the same axis. The basis of this instrument is the star map which indicates all the constellations and stars that can be observed in the sky.