What is the difference between gold and platinum?

What is the difference between gold and platinum?

What is the difference between gold and platinum?

L’gold pure is more expensive than platinum pure, but it takes lessgold to make the same piece of jewelry. The jewelry in platinum is therefore more expensive than that in gold White. the platinum is denser, and its alloy is 95% pure, while the alloy of thegold contains 75% ofgold pure.

What is the difference between gold record and platinum record?

Prior to 2003, a gold record was awarded 200,000 copies for domestic products, and 100,000 copies for international products. For the platinum disc, the threshold was respectively 400,000 copies.

What is the difference between white gold and platinum?

the platinum and thewhite gold are both precious metals. the platinum is rarer and more expensive thanWhite gold. He is also more robust. The color of theWhite gold has a distinct silver sheen, while the platinum is rather White Grey.

What is the value of a platinum disc?

One platinum worth one today disk four years ago (100,000 units), and the diamond disc only worth 500,000 copies. All based on sales of disk physical, since the rewards do not take into account online music platforms.

What is the value of a gold record?

According to the industry players interviewed, a gold record (50,000 sales) brings in around 500,000 euros.

Why is platinum called white gold?

The composition of theWhite gold and Platinum L’White gold that we call Also Gold Grey is composed of 75% ofGold10% Silver and 15% Palladuim which is a derivative of Platinum. The latter allows the jewel to remain White Longer.

What is the best gold?

L’gold 18 karat or C’is the traditional alloy of the great French jewelry houses, the noblest and most precious after thegold 24 carats. Imposed as a standard of use, it represents, according to them, the better balance between the “caratage” ofgold and alloy metals.

What metal is more expensive than gold?

rhodium Rhodium, metal the more expensive of the world – Gold in Cash.

How do you know if its a platinum jewelry?

the platinum is a very rare and very expensive metal. All the jewelry facts of platinum will present a mark to prove their authenticity. Observe the presence of the words “Platinum”, “PLAT” or “PT” followed or preceded by the numbers 9.

What is the hallmark of platinum?

the platinumsymbol of eternity, is used by Punch 22 for the alliances of its jewelery creations. The jewelry in platinum are an excellent choice because their color does not tarnish over time, being a naturally white metal and it is hypoallergenic, perfect for sensitive skin.

What is the difference between gold and platinum?

Gold is still a monetary metal, while platinum is not and never has been. Silver has been a monetary metal and, as the gold of the poor, it is greatly influenced by monetary issues, as it is closely related to gold.

How to differentiate white gold from platinum?

The easiest way to differentiate white gold from platinum is to study its weight. Indeed, platinum is a much denser metal than white gold, and therefore much heavier. It is also possible to differentiate them by observing the color carefully.

What are the benefits of platinum?

Platinum is a precious metal and, under the right conditions, could prove to be an alternative to gold. Platinum also requires less storage space than silver, for approximately the same price as gold. Automotive catalysts account for a very large share of platinum demand (43%).

Why was platinum discovered?

Platinum was discovered much more recently, compared to gold and silver, whose history goes back more than 5,000 years. Pre-Columbian Americans near Esmeraldas, Ecuador used this metal to produce artifacts of a white alloy of gold and platinum.