What is the difference between high school and college?

What is the difference between high school and college?

What is the difference between high school and college?

At high schoolthe year is divided into quarters. In college, itis different: the year is organized in semesters (basically, we cut the year in 2) of 3-4 months to break everything. And at the end of each semester, we take exams: the partials. Academics like to abbreviate everything.

What is the purpose of a high school?

It mainly corresponds to the last three years of secondary education (seconde, première and terminale), for teenagers aged, generally, from 15 to 18 years old (from the beginning of the second to the end of terminale). By extension, the east high school school for this education.

What is the difference between Harvard and Boston?

This is particularly the case at Boston University. At MIT, more than 70% of students choose to live on campus until they obtain their Bachelor’s Degree, while nearly 97% at Harvard.

How Much Does Boston University Cost?

And $72,052 to Boston University (BU). Although these amounts include admission, study fees and accommodation on campus, we are very far from the cost of a “French-style” university. The solution apart from self-financing?

What are Boston College University Sports?

Today, Boston College has 14,000 students, sometimes nicknamed “The Eagles” because of the university’s emblem, the eagle. Sport is a big part of it. The Boston College sports club excels in football, basketball and ice hockey.

What is the difference between a struggling student and a departed one?

In the same way, there are two poles of difficulty, that of the student “in difficulty”, who has a bad experience of university and has no specific project, and that of the student “already left” or transitional , for whom going to university is just a step towards something else.