What is the difference between miniature and illumination?

What is the difference between miniature and illumination?

What is the difference between miniature and illumination?

Using your dictionary, find the difference between illumination, miniature and drop cap. A illumination : painted image or decorated letter adorning a medieval manuscript. A miniature : rectangular or square illustration that decorates a writing page.

What is a miniature in the Middle Ages?

The decoration. Two words that go back to Middle Ages evoke the decoration of a manuscript: miniature and illumination. Word miniature comes from the Latin miniare through the Italian miniatura and originally designates the ornamentation of the manuscript, especially the initials and rubrics executed in minium.

What do an illumination and a miniature have in common?

The term ” illumination » is often associated with that of miniature which designates an illustration. L’illumination sometimes mingles with the text and sometimes moves away from it, point even, sometimes, to no longer maintain any relationship with him.

What is the famous red of the Middle Ages called?

Vermeil refers exclusively to Middle Ages a color redthis red lively that we call vermilion.

What is the role of illumination?

Inspired by the text it illustrates, it facilitates understanding. The image visually explains the text. It also makes it possible to bring out the articulations of the text and thus to guide the reader.

What was the role of illumination in the Middle Ages?

A illumination is a hand-drawn drawing or illustration that decorates a handwritten text. The etymology of the word is illuminare which in Latin means to make luminous, to illuminate. The first illuminations date from Pharaonic Egypt extracted from the Book of the Dead.

What are the medieval colors?

When, despite everything, one consults the written sources medieval on the subject, we discover that the colors main in the Middle Ages are six in number: white, yellow, red, green, blue and black. white and black are therefore considered as colors.

What is Miniaturist Painting?

A miniaturist is someone who paints in miniature. According to Littré, a miniature (from the Latin miniare which means “to paint red, to coat with minium”) is a “kind of delicate painting which is done in small dots or small strokes, with very fine colors, drenched in water and gum, oil free [=gouache].

How to choose a miniature painter?

“A miniature painter must be a good draughtsman with a sure, precise and patient hand”. The use of varnish is rare and reserved for a few shadows. From 1800, the application of binder on the finished painting is more and more frequent.

What are the different types of paints used by miniaturists?

At that time, miniaturists used not only “watercolour” paints (watercolours, gouache) but also “oil” paintings no longer deposited on vellum alone but also on a sheet of copper, porcelain, paper, even stone or even slate.

What is Miniature Portrait?

The miniature portrait is the art of reproducing the portrait of a person on a small surface. He can adorn personal objects (ring, bracelet, snuff box, dance card, etc.) and use different mediums and painting and drawing techniques.