What is the difference between truth and reality?

What is the difference between truth and reality?

What is the difference between truth and reality?

The truth is unique and participates of the relationship Between the creature and its Creator. The reality can leave indifferent sometimes because we do not always have a hold on it while the truth is an evidence that upsets the inner being because it cannot be denied once it even reveals itself in part.

What is the adjective of real?

Adjective. Genuine, effective, true, without fiction or figure. A being real.

What is reality?

Reality is a fundamental mode of the being of beings in relation to possibility and necessity. Everything real is also at least possible but not always equally necessary […] Thus conceived, reality is taken for an ontological modality of things. […] .

What is the question of real or reality?

Whoever seeks to know what the world really is, also seeks to know who it is. The question of the real or of reality is therefore an ontological question, that is to say, which relates to the study of being.

What is the difference between real and reality?

Definition of the real: The real is what exists in itself, independently of the subject, that is to say independently of his perception or his thoughts. The real is not necessarily the reality. Reality definition: Reality is what an individual perceives and understands of reality. We can distinguish :

What is the nature of reality?

Reality is subjective in nature. Since your birth, this experience takes place through you. A bit like in a first-person video game, you and you alone are in control. The objectivity of the real is the scientist’s dream.