What is the distance between home and workplace?

What is the distance between home and workplace?

What is the distance between home and workplace?

When the distance separating your residence of your workplace does not exceed 40 km (i.e. 80 km round trip), you can take into account the entire mileage in the calculation of your transport costs.

Can I telecommute outside of my home?

The employee may telecommute elsewhere than at his residence He is in fact not obliged to work at his residence. The decree of relating to the place of exercise of the telework of civil servants specifies that they can telecommute in private places.

What is the journey home to work called?

In social geography, commuting mobility, also called commuting traffic or alternating mobility, designates the daily movements of the population for reasons of work and/or studies.

Where should telework take place?

The employee can therefore work: At home. In a telecentre: Office space equipped with IT equipment and made available to teleworkers from different companies or administrations, shared office Any other place for employees who travel a lot.

Where can we telecommute?

A telecentre is a workspace intended for employees and/or the self-employed such as closed offices, open spaces, meeting rooms, associated with entertainment services and common use.

What is a pendular trip?

Move pendularalso known as mobility pendular or migration pendularcorresponds to the displacement phenomenon that of workers travel daily to reach their place of work from where they live in the morning and vice versa in the evening.