What is the elevation of the GR20?

What is the elevation of the GR20?

What is the elevation of the GR20?

On the program: 15 stages for 170 kilometers and 15,000 meters of height difference through the island of beauty between steep mountains, mountain pastures, plateaus and small picturesque villages.

What will be the total length in km of the 2022 edition of the Tour de France?

It is 3,328 long kilometers and divided into twenty-one stages: six flat, seven hilly, six mountain and two individual time trials. Besides the FranceDenmark, Belgium and Switzerland are the foreign countries visited.

Which part of the GR20 to do?

The part North of GR20 is more technical, very hilly while the part south is more rolling, with wider paths. Depending on your fitness level or depending on the season, it may be a good idea to start in the south to get in shape or wait another week for the snow to melt in the north.

What budget to do the GR20?

Examples budget GR20 GR20 all comfort: night in a refuge and two meals a day in a refuge. 15 nights (14€), 15 breakfasts (8€), 15 lunches (14€), 15 evening meals (15€) and a little groceries per day (5€). So it will take about 800 euros to 15 days.

Where does the Tour de France 2022 pass?

to the 9 new sites or stopover towns that will host the Tower for the first time :

  • Copenhagen (departure and arrival 1st stage)
  • Roskilde (start 2nd stage)
  • Nyborg (finish 2nd stage)
  • Vejle (start 3rd stage)
  • Sønderborg (finish 3rd stage)
  • Eagle (start 9th stage)
  • Castelnau-Magnoac (start 19th stage)

What is the easiest part of the GR20?

There is a drastic change of scenery from Vizzavone. The steps can be a little bit more long but the trails are less steep and the terrain less rugged. As in the mountains this are not the kilometers that count, so you will certainly find the GR20 south easier.

When to do the GR20?

June at September certainly represents the best period. Of course from July 8 untilat at the end of August it’s a bit of a rush and there has many of people on the trail. June and September can be perfect.

Who can do the GR20?

Without having a competitive physique, it is still necessary to start a good physical preparation 2 to 3 months before leaving for the GR20. A hiker in his twenties is not going to train like a 60-year-old. Just like a man is not going to train like a woman.