What is the extension of a Word file?

What is the extension of a Word file?

What is the extension of a Word file?

docx, . xlsx and . pptx. These formats and extensions of file namesMicrosoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Power point.

What is the Word format?

docx or the . doc, in both cases it is a Microsoft document Word. With the arrival of the 2007 version of Wordthe format has been recognized as the new standard for text documents. The goal was to create a format XML-based file format that doesn’t require too much storage space.

What is the extension of a file?

The extensions tell your computer what application has created or can open the file and what icon use for the file. For example, theextension docx tells your computer that Microsoft Word can open the file and display a Word icon when you view it in Explorer files.

What is the extension of a text file?

In computing, a extension by name of file (or simply extension of fileeven extension) is a name suffix file made to identify its format. Thus, we say that a file named example. txt thereextension . txt (or simply txt ).

What are the main components of word processing software?

One word processor contains multiple functions, allowing the entry, correction and formatting of a text, his storage on the material used, in addition to its distribution and its spelling check, grouping at the same time all types of fonts, colors, typographies, …

What is the extension of a video file?

EXTENSION OF THE VIDEO FILES the file digital of a video is identifiable by the name of theextension from file (.mp4, .mov, . avi.

What is Phonetics?

Phonetics is the study of the sounds of language. When speaking, several muscles and organs of the vocal apparatus are used: lungs, larynx, vocal cords, tongue, lips, etc. Depending on the arrangement of the jaw, tongue and lips, the human being is able to produce different sounds.

What is the phonetic alphabet?

In phonetics, we will use the term phoneme to designate sounds. Linguists have therefore created an alphabet that represents not the way of writing the word, but the way of pronouncing it. Each of the 36 phonemes of the French language corresponds to a letter of the international phonetic alphabet.

What is the working method of phonetics?

An overview of the working method and the problem. Phonetics is the scientific study of the sounds of language. It aims to provide a very fine description of all sounds. It achieves this through various instruments.

What is the difference between phonetics and phonology?

These variants are noted in square brackets. This example makes it possible to clarify an essential difference between Phonetics and Phonology: phonetics studies sounds in all their dimensions and variations. It accumulates a maximum of details. Ultimately, there is no need to know the language to which this or that speech sound belongs;